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Exciting Beach Rides & Beautiful Countryside...
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Experience Crete Differently!

For your best-ever holiday enjoyment we introduce our experienced horsmen of our company.

We offer 6 DAYS OF RIDING ACTIVITIES with them, including: 2 exciting beach rides, 2 beautiful mini-safaris and relaxing day trips. Green hills, goat tracks, olive groves, herbs and wild flowers, the unique Lake of Kournas, Argiroupoli's waterfalls, many small friendly villages and a superb beach, combine to make this the holiday experience of a lifetime!

The horses are healthy, easy- going and used to traffic. All of them are very sweet characters who enjoy the outdoor 'workout'. They are English ridden, although many of them prefer long reins and respond well to voice commands. The club use good saddles, which are comfortable for both horse and rider. Fit, congenial, horse-loving riders, able to control a traffic-used horses in the outdoors are welcome. Although the pace is geared to suit each rider, each ride normally consists of walking, gentle trotting and cantering. On the beach you will enjoy some galloping with controllable horses. Great care is taken with the selection of horses according to each person's riding abilities and preference. We prefer small groups, therefore there is no minimum, but we keep to a maximum of 6 people.

Four good lunchtime picnics are also provided. If you like you can spread the riding activities over a longer period of time.

Sharing your room with a non-rider is also possible.

After the rides, a wide range of extra activities can be offered to those that are interested.

Riding insurance is included in the cost of the holiday, provided that a safety hat (available) is always worn.

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