GS Tours Chania LTD – Alternative Tourism Agency

GS Tours Chania Ltd is a travel and tourism company with long experience and dynamic presence in Crete’s travel industry. Our primary goal, since 1990, is to serve our clients in a special way and at the meantime, make more known the cultural and natural elements of our island. Aiming at continuously improving our position in the market, we follow the international trends in servicing and travel technology, with the contribution of our partnerships.

Services & Partners

We mainly offer the best services in the fields below, providing complete travel solutions to our customers. Our services include: Incoming Tourism Services, Leisure Travel, Alternative Tourism, Exclusive Luxury Travel Services. Our company is an authorized partner of GS Travel SA (IATA – HATTA-P.E.T.A.GA.-HAPCO and ISTAA member). Our services are certified pursuant to ISO 9001:2008. GS Tours Chania Ltd is also a partner of Region of Crete and member of Western Crete Travel Agencies Association.

Fabulous Crete

On 2015, GS Tours developed an innovative project named Fabulous Crete was created with the aim and hope of introducing and bringing the visitors of Crete in touch with the genuine Cretan culture and civilization. The various services we provide cover a wide range of alternative tourism. Our goal is to introduce the Cretan lifestyle and way of thinking to those who visit our island.

We love this island and we want to share its beauties!!

All these activities cannot be explained easily in words and it is even harder to translate them into other languages. What GS Tours Chania though can guarantee every visitor is a memorable experience, something which is not easily achieved even if one has visited Crete many times. Through our programs and package deals the visitor can experience something unknown, yet truly real, and inaccessible to many but simultaneously so very beautiful. This is the genuine Cretan ‘product’ and this is exactly what Fabulous Crete has to offer. Explore the real Crete! Feel the real essence of Crete!