“The Home”

Our Little Story

Once upon a time there were two boys who grew up in Crete. They loved to go to the high peaks of the White Mountains to meet their grandfather. It was an idyllic village with an amazing view to the mountain over it. The kids played with the old man, walking around the mountain paths, cooking together, enjoying the countryside life. He loved them and they were all his life! He taught them how to farm and harvest the grapes or the olives, the names of the plants and everything about the flora and fauna of Crete. He was a proud and brave man, tired from his life but still strong and happy. His passion was to cook and he was really good at that!!

Many years after grandpa passed away, the two children, now men, met in their olive field. The boys are 25 years old now… They never forgot those days in their childhood and their grandpa’s sweet face! That day something changed inside them. Something affected their thoughts. With one single look, they understood exactly what they had to do! They ran together to their grandpa’s home and saw the yard. It was easy. With passion and plenty of enthusiasm in 2016, the two cousins rebuilt some of the home’s damages and prepared a nice and warm place in which to do something special. It was important for them to teach and share their grandfather’s heritage and revive his secret love to cook.

Everything was made by the two boys with their own hands. The ideas of their beloved old man came back to life. Now they are ready to welcome you and live with you a unique experience! Now everyone will know what is so special about this house. Everyone will be a part of the Cretan way of life and feel the warmness of the Cretan hospitality!