• Private Chauffeured luxury vehicle
• Wine Tasting in Cretan and international varieties
• Private tours of the Old Town of Chania
• Extraordinary routes through the Cretan inland
• Walk through the vineyards and the pure nature
• Traditional Cooking lessons and delicious Gastronomy experiences
• Learn about the History and Mythology of Crete
• Harvesting in a special traditional way
• Luxury small boutique hotels

‘’…What’s this red water, boss-tell me! An old log those stems, some sure little thing hang out, and as time passes, the sun burns them, they become sweet as honey and then we call them grapes. We step on them, get their juice, put in barrels, it ferments on its own, we open it on St George’s the inebriated in October, and there it comes wine! What kind of a miracle is that? You drink this red juice, and your soul gets bigger, your skin doesn’t hold it any longer, it challenges God to fight. What’s this, boss, tell me…’’

Nikos Kazantzakis, “Zorbas the Greek”

Travelling deep down the centuries we submerge in the fertile soils of Cretan land. Where the roots of ancient vineyards embrace the soil witch supported and raised civilizations of unforgotten eras. Their fruits, their essences have created the name of a powerful product. The Cretan Wine. In the Minoan era it was stored in clay jars and ended up in lavish feasts of noblemen and kings. Then, wine used to poured into the barrels at the cellars of the Venetians and the Ottomans. The roots of the winemakers of Crete are as deep as those of their vines as they have been producing authentic Cretan varieties (Romeiko, Vidiano, Kotsifali, Pluto, Mantilari, Vilana, Dafni, Liatiko, Muscat of Spina and others) for centuries, having nothing to covet those of central Europe and the rest of the world.

Today with respect to its great history it is safeguarded as a consignment from our ancestors who disseminated winemaking with love and plod to the next generations, it thrives and is offered as the Nectar of the Olympian Gods. Cretan Land also offers products both virgin and pure. One should mention the Cretan olive oil, the stable of Mediterranean diet. For centuries it has played a key role in Cretan’s diet as it has been cultivated since 3000 B.C. The honey, the traditional Cretan cheeses, the pure vegetables and fruits, the rusks, the greens and aromatic herbs are some of the goods that have raised Cretan people.

Through the our packages  you will get to know and taste varieties of Cretan wine which will fill your palate with an unforgettable taste and highlight the best memories from our beautiful island. Discover the hidden treasures of Cretan inland, taste authentic Cretan products, meet the locals in traditional villages, accept their hospitality and warm embraced hearts, taste the culinary habits, and enjoy an authentic way of life.

What is included in this tour?

  • Accommodation for 7 nights in luxurious hotels
  • 7 Full breakfasts
  • Private Airport Transfers and all transfers as per the itinerary by luxury Vehicles and English speaking chauffeur
  • Wine Picnic
  • Harvesting
  • Assemblage, wine blending class
  • Traditional Cooking lessons
  • Light lunch and finger food tasting to each winery we visit
  • Six exceptional meals with wine pairings in extraordinary
  • Restaurants
  • 1 keepsake itinerary with maps and ample information on Crete, food and drink, and all locations visited
  • Welcome bottle of wine in room
  • All Local taxes

What is not included in this tour?

  • Flights
  • Meals and Drinks not Specified
  • Personal Expenses such as Telephone, Minibar, etc
  • Tips and Gratuities (Guides, Restaurants, etc)
  • Travel Insurance (Strongly recommended)
  • Cancellation Insurance
  • Wine tasting is not allowed for participants under 18 years old (water or fresh juice will be offered instead).

DAY ONE – 23/08/2019

Welcome to our lovely island

Your elegant and friendly driver and sleek vehicle will greet you at the airport and take you into the historic center of Chania where you will be staying at a fabulous luxury hotel right inside the heart of the Old Town. Check in, relax and settle in. Your guide will collect you in the afternoon to take you for a welcome dinner to a wonderful wine store. There we can enjoy the combination of Cretan wines and special traditional flavors. Also a representative of our company and a specialist sommelier will present you the analytic schedule of your ‘’wine walking’’ days and all the information about your stay in our lovely city.

DAY TWO 24/08/2019

Discover the nature’s greatness

Today we will travel through wonderful nature’s landscapes. Up to the mountains of Kisamos region we will learn about the native wine varieties of a traditional family winery, established in 1993, with specialized knowledge on winemaking and fresh ideas for modern processes of farming and wine production. We will sit between the olive trees, smelling the blossoms, diving deep into the nature’s miracle, tasting awarded local and some international varieties that earn a special taste because of the local Terroir. An incredible taste fills our palate while we leave the winery, heading through an extraordinary path to traditional Cretan villages. Up there we will harvest the grapes. In the winter time we smell the humid lands and the air whispering the winter’s songs, but in the summer time we enjoy watching the blooming vegetation and hearing the birds singing. Arrive in a historical village, where the spark of Cretan revolution became a big flame deep into the bottom of the rebel souls. There, we will visit historical monuments of 19th and 20th century and we will get deep into Cretan gastronomy, tasting traditional dishes, cooking by experienced chefs in a traditional Cretan tavern with extraordinary decoration.

DAY THREE 25/08/2019


The most amazing things will happen to Apokoronas region. A day full of wine, gastronomy and history. First we will visit a scenic village which has the historical – traditional museum of Apokoronas, with 7 rooms of Cretan history and great descriptions about the way of living in the past. After that, we climb up to the foothills of the White Mountains, feeling the environment changing while we are heading to the local winery. There, we meet the specialists of the awarded ‘’Romeiko’’, its production performed with a special way and its taste will take your mind away. Also we will taste other wine varieties like ‘’Vidiano’’, ‘’Vilana’’, ‘’Malvazia’’ and ‘’Kotsifali’’. The winery possesses a great view of the White mountains and an impressive art gallery. There, we can see an ancient treadle, 500 years old and walk around the herbs garden and the museum of traditional Cretan exhibits. Moving underground, feeling the heartbeat of the White Mountains, we visit the cellar which is inside a cave and the steadfast rocks cover the cylinder bottles. Early in the afternoon we drive through wonderful routes arrive to a traditional olive farm. We will learn how to cook like a Cretan. Collecting the vegetables directly from the garden and walking though the olive trees and the wild, pure nature. Taking part in the Cretan gastronomy workshop we learn the Cretan cooking way. We are waiting for our lunch, tasting the wine and eating finger food.

DAY FOUR 26/08/2019


DAY FIVE 27/08/2019

The Holy Wine

Visit an extraordinary monastery in the foothills of an old mountain range, built in 1634 by two monks from an ancient traditional Cretan family. The architecture of the building inspired by the famous Veronese architect Sebastiano Serlio. It was burned by the Turks in 1821 and restored in 1892. The monastery has a great history and huge tradition on wine-making and olive oil production. The monks produce Cretan wine varieties like ‘’Romeiko’’ and international like ‘’Muscat of Alexandria’’, ‘’Trebianno’’ etc. Taste the extra virgin olive oil on traditional Cretan rusk with own-made cheese and fresh tomato accompanied with the best Cretan wine varieties. In the afternoon enjoy a walking tour through the narrow streets of the Old Town and the Venetian Harbor and visit the most photographed spots inside the well known flower decorated neighborhoods of Chania. The imposing Egyptian Lighthouse next to ‘’Firkas’’ fortress is the jewel of the Venetian harbor. Turn over your head and enjoy the unique preserved Mosque ‘’Giali Tzamisi’’ and the famous Arsenals-‘’Neoria’’, the cradle of the ancient art of shipbuilding. Feel the awe facing the Center of Mediterranean Architecture (Grand Arsenal) and the impressive Municipal Market. This walk will certainly make you feel like you ‘ve just landed from a time machine, reaching a memorable season. Early in the nightfall a special historical corner of the Venetian Harbor will be waiting for us. We will dine in a wine restaurant. There you can enjoy the great enlightened view of the Venetian Harbor and make a great acquaintance with the gourmet cooking Cretan flavors. Also we will have the chance to taste some wine varieties from the other Cretan prefectures like Heraklion, Rethymnon and Lasithi.

DAY SIX 28/08/2019

Wine Wine Wine Day and night

This is a day full of wine tasting different expressions of those noble grapes, and delicious food tasting. We begin our journey heading to a beautiful winery in Kisamos region. We will taste a special local blended white wine with ‘’Vilana’’, ‘’Vidiano’’ and ‘’Assyrtiko’’ varieties and we will walk through the vineyards into an idyllic landscape. Also we will visit the olive oil factory that the family possesses and learn about the extra virgin olive oil production. The wine tasting accompanied with extra virgin olive oil and local pure products is a combination that your palate will never forget. Then we will experience the Cretan gesture for saying goodbye to guests, by drinking the awarded ‘’Tsikoudia/Raki’’. After that we are going to visit an extraordinary olive tree, the oldest in the world, with estimated age 3000 years old. The nightfall will find us to a luxury delicatessen restaurant for wine and gourmet dishes tasting. You will discover the secret blends of wine and delicious appetizers and the taste memories will live inside your heart forever.

DAY SEVEN 29/08/2019

Discover the real Crete

This is a special day on our beautiful island. We will drive to Rethymnon prefecture and we ‘ll enjoy a walking tour to the Old town and Fortezza Venetian fortress. After a finger food tasting, we will visit a traditional Cretan village where the art of pottery is the meaning of life for those people. We will watch them produce magnificent artworks with their own hands and you will add this great experience to your mind as a unique memory. Heading to an ancient city that remains the same after all these years and makes you feel like an ancient courtly as you walk through the cobbled streets, you will discover the real way of life. We will eat Cretan pure dishes under the shade of the olive trees. Then you will feel like the local workers to the fields when they take their break after a hard working day. All alone with peace and quiet you will feel the power of mother Earth by eating her goods, enjoying the famous Cretan hospitality.

DAY EIGHT 30/08/2019

Time to say goodbye

After your hearty breakfast at your hotel you have to prepare yourself to say goodbye to this lovely city. You will have free time to enjoy a last walk to the Old Town and the Venetian Harbor and pick a last memory of those wonderful landscapes. We hope that you ‘’carry’’ the best experiences from Crete and keep this memorable spot on Earth deep inside your hearts. When the time of your flight is on, we will collect you from your hotel and drive you to the airport. Embrace your memories as a ‘’Wine Walker’’ and hope to seeing you again in one of our next Cretan explorations.

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