Hiking Crete

explore the treasures of the Cretan hinterland, dive into the deep blue, enjoy the pure nature

Do you enjoy walking ?
Swimming ?
What about climbing ?

CRETE, a wonderful and dramatic island where you find a combination of wild landscape, endless mountains, deep blue sea, hills covered with olive trees, small historic villages and towns and more. An island the Minoan civilization existed 4000+ years ago.

If you are seeking and unforgettable vacation without having to worry about where to go or what to do this tour is for you.

Here is our offer:

Come and join me for an 8 day tour and together we will walk all those villages and towns where you will be introduced to CRETAN culture and the history of CRETE. On the way we will stop for swimming in beautiful places, stay overnight in graceful hotels or family pensions, watch beautiful sunsets, taste local and Greek specialties and more.

We have made a special effort to structure your stay and activities having in mind "a high quality time for you" at the "most affordable cost".


We will pick you up from and return you to Chania airport (Heraklion airport requires special arrangements). An experienced English speaking guide will escort you throughout the tour.

Overnight accommodations will be pre-arranged for you in double rooms (two persons per room). There is the possibility for a single room. Breakfast, picnic or lunch; and dinner is included in the tour cost. Drinks are extra. We will provide all necessary transfers for you and your luggage.


  • A good pair of comfortable walking boots with ankle support.
  • A few pair of technical socks.
  • Some generally proper equipment for summer mountain activities (hat, sun glasses, sun screen, bathing suit, a very light rain coat (you never know...), medium size towel etc.
  • A small backpack.
  • Don't overload yourself with unnecessary stuff !


DAY 1:

Upon your arrival at Chania airport and after our greetings:

We transfer to the beautiful city of Chania, (only if time permits), where we will spend time in the old town (near the harbour) build by the Venetians in 1252. Some time later and after lunch, we drive to our hotel in Omalos village, 40 km from Chania. Omalos (altitude 1050m) a small village build in a plateau of irregular shape and surrounded by steep mountains. A beautiful and very peaceful place for you to relax and enjoy yourself.

DAY 2:

On our second day we walk the last 900m of mount GIGILOS located at the beginning of Samaria gorge.

GIGILOS: A fearsome rock 2080 m high where goddess GEA hid her son ZEUS from his father CRONOS (he used to eat his newborn male children). For the last 300 m of climbing we will have to use both of our hands and feet. Also if the wind is too strong we will stop at 1780 m.

Total walking time 4hr.

DAY 3:

If there was only one place to walk on, when in Crete, that would be the gorge of SAMARIA.

The longest and one of the most beautiful gorges in Europe. A place of unfounded beauty that will reward your innermost expectations. A strenuous 17 km walk that will take us from an altitude of 1250 m all the way down to the coastal town of Agia Roumeli (ancient Tara) for a swim in the Libyan sea.

Total walking time 6 hr.

DAY 4:

Imagine walking on a path next to the Libyan sea that people (goats too) walk for the last 4000 years. Making a stop in Agios Pavlos where Nikiforos Fokas ( a Byzantine prince) built a chapel 1100 years ago. Swimming in MARMARA beach with its crystal clear waters and then spending the night in a post card village named LOYTRO. That will be our 4th day.

Total walking time 6 hr.

DAY 5:

After breakfast we leave Loutro and walk to the village of Livaniana (altitude 350 m). From there we descent to the middle of ARADENA gorge.

A beautiful and wild ravine with towering walls filled with oleander that will take us again to Marmara for a swim and a good lunch. From there we either walk back to Loutro or if you want you can take a small boat back. (at your expense around 5 euros).

Total walking time 2:30-3 hr.

DAY 6:

At ten in the morning we take the boat from Loutro to the town of Sfakia (20 minutes). From there we transfer to the exit of IMBROS gorge. One of the 3 or 4 best gorges of Crete. The trail, once an old supply route, will take us to Imbros village (altitude 780 m) for a nice lunch.

Total walking time 2:30 hr.

From there we will be transfer to our hotel in Chania (near the old Venetian harbour) where you can rest and prepare yourself for a nice afternoon stroll ending up in one of the old taverns for dinner.

DAY 7:

Today we pay a visit to the history of Crete.

First we transfer to the monastery of AGIA TRIADA (18km from Chania) build by the monks Jagarolo brothers in the year 1635.

Second we drive to the fortress like monastery of GOUVERNETO build just before Agia Triada but only for an outsight look and:

From Gouverneto we have a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and the Cretan archipelagos. After viewing the monastery, some 200 steps will take us down to CATHOLIKON, probably the oldest monastery of Crete where Saint John the hermit leaved and died. Afterwards we walk back to Gouverneto to be transferred for swimming and lunch to Marathi beach (15 km away). One of the most beautiful sea sides of Chania. After Marathi we will drive back to our hotel.

Dinner at around 8:00pm again in one of the old taverns…

DAY 8:

Sadly, today we say good buy.

We transfer to the airport of Chania (7 km).........


  • The best period to visit Crete is from April to June and September to October.
  • Please let us know of any medical conditions i must know of.
  • Prices and analytic schedule upon request

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