Koum Kapi

Sabbionara Bastion and Gate, Koum Kapi

The bastion and gate of Sabbionara, also known as Moncenigo bastion formed part of the sixteenth century Venetian fortification system of the city and was completed in 1591.

Located on the north-east corner of the city, Sabbionara is the only surviving gate in Chania, its appearance significantly modified during the Ottoman Turkish period when its size was reduced. Of note, the circular Venetian emblem of the Lion of St. Mark is preserved on the front the bastion, together with a coat of arms and the date. Following the Turkish conquest of Chania in 1645, the Turks closed the Sabbionara gate and opened a smaller one closer to the bastion which they named "Koum Kapi" meaning "Gate of the Sand", a Turkish name still retained today. In 1850, a military hospital was built within the perimeters of the bastion and then moved into the bastion itself by the local officials in 1920. The hospital and parts of the Sabbionara bastion and gate were later destroyed by the German bombing in 1941.

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